Academic Institutions

Continuous efforts are directed toward establishing working relationships with international universities and research centers.


In 2012 the department signed Project document with Norwegian University of Life Science (NMBU). The joint project envisages curriculum development and research products:

  • All our MSc students have opportunity to study one semester at NMBU. The Masters of Science in Economics at AUCA program has been developed in cooperation with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.
  • More than 10 faculty members visited NMBU in 2012-2017 to co-develop courses and share experiences
  • There are 3 on-going collaborative research projects
  • 2 Economics Department faculty members are currently enrolled in NMBU PhD Program

Bard International Network

Bard College is AUCA’s main international partner institution. Bard International Network comprises liberal arts institutions in Kyrgyzstan, USA, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, and Russia) and fosters multifaceted cooperation among their faculty, administration, and students.

Double degree

In 2009, Bard and AUCA launched a collaborative partnership that, from 2011 onwards, grants Bard degrees of Bachelor of Arts to eligible students in Economics program. These degrees are in addition to those issued by the Ministry of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Student exchange

Six students from AUCA travel to the Bard College, Unites States every semester. Sophomores and juniors with good academic standing are eligible to participate in the study abroad program.

Conferences and Workshops

  • Bard College supports faculty to participate in conferences related to civic engagement.
  • Bard regularly organizes faculty and staff workshops
  • At least one student team from AUCA is funded every year to attend Bard Network Debate Workshops


US-CAEF (Central Asia Education Foundation) has been supporting the department since 2008 by delivering special teaching workshops and seminars to faculty members and by providing with books and materials on teaching methodology and research. It also supports students by offering Enterprise Student Fellowships and Enterprise Intern Fellowships.

Enterprise Student Fellowships provide financial need-based scholarships to academically qualified students of Central Asia for undergraduate programs in business administration and economics. It includes full tuition and financial support for living and travel expenses. Fellowships are awarded for the full four-year term of undergraduate study, but are subject to annual renewal based on academic performance and other conditions.

Enterprise Intern Fellowships are offered to outstanding students from Enterprise Student Fellowship program to gain valuable work experience in the USA.

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