Minimum entry requirement

Applicants must have a first degree from university or institution of higher education, or provide documentation indicating that they will earn such a first degree before enrollment in MSc in Economics program. An undergraduate degree in economics is not required. However, students should have strong quantitative skills and good command of English. Applicants with solid quantitative background (e.g. first degree in Mathematics, Engineering) are highly encouraged to apply.

Required exams

Entry exams include English language proficiency test (can be substituted by official TOEFL or IELTS certificate) and AUCA admission exam in mathematics and essay writing (can be substituted by GRE).

How to Apply

  1. Fill out the ONLINE APPLICATION,
  2. Pass AUCA Admission exams
  3. Send documents
  • AUCA Admission Application Form
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Copy of Passport (original available upon request)
  • Resume (in English)
  • Statement of Purpose (in English)
  • Two Photos (3×4 cm, white background)

Admissions Exam Deadlines

1st Cohort:

Exam registration deadline 19.02.2019
Admissions exam 24.02.2019
Exam registration deadline 26.03.2019
Admissions exam 31.03.2019
Applications deadline 21.04.2019

2nd Cohort:

Exam registration deadline 14.05.2019
Admissions exam 19.05.2019
Exam registration deadline 04.06.2019

3rd Cohort:

Admissions exam 09.06.2019
Application deadline 21.06.2019

4th Cohort:

Exam registration: 01.08.2019-08.08.2019 (write to

Admissions exam 10.08.2019