Applicants to the BA in Economics program must meet the General AUCA Admissions Requirements. Entry exams include English language proficiency test (can be substituted by official TOEFL or IELTS certificate) and AUCA admission exam in mathematics and essay writing (can be substituted by SAT I or ACT).

Admission criteria:

English test: min 500

Mathematics: min 50


Admissions Exam Deadlines:

There are two rounds of admissions exams, announced and conducted by the AUCA Admissions Office

1st Cohort

Exam Registration – 20.02.24

Admissions Exam – 25.02.24

Exam Registration – 19.03.24

Admissions Exam – 24.03.24
1st cohort Application Deadline 12.04.24
2nd cohort
Exam Registration – 30.04.24
Admissions Exam – 05.05.24

Exam Registration – 28.05.24

Admissions Exam -02.06.24
2nd cohort Application Deadline 14.06.24