Transfer policy


  • Transferring within AUCA

Students are eligible to apply for a transfer to Economics program after the first successful year of study.  However, please note that, in order to transfer within AUCA, students must meet all admissions requirements (link to admissions page) for the Economics department, and receive permission from both Department Chairs. Admissions exam results from the previous program may be sufficient if exams are comparable between the programs. Otherwise if admission exam scores do not satisfy the requirement of the chosen major, the student must retake the admission exam(s) along with prospective students.

If a student has taken an advanced math course (MAT 131.1 Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry for Economics OR MAT 132 Mathematics for business and economics I) and received a B- grade or above, the Economics Department may count the grade as an entrance exam score.

The university wide GPA requirement for transfer students is to have a minimum 2.7 GPA.

Although students are not permitted to transfer departments until the second year at AUCA, they are encouraged to start working on proposed major coursework during the second semester of the first year. Students must take Intro to Microeconomic Theory course and receive a grade no lower than a «В-». Students need consult the Financial Aid Office to be aware of any changes in financial aid that may occur if students transfer departments.

All transfers must be initiated prior to the start of the semester.

  • Transferring into AUCA from other university

A student who wishes to transfer to AUCA from another higher education institution must submit an AUCA application and a complete transcript of all academic work he or she has completed at the other higher education institution(s). Only courses which match the degree offerings at AUCA will be considered for transfer. Only courses with a grade of C or higher (in the letter-grade system) or 3 or higher (in the former Soviet numerical system) will be accepted for transfer. Grade “Passed” will be accepted only for Sports and Music classes. Grades for courses not taken at AUCA or taken at AUCA as an exchange student will not apply to the student’s GPA at AUCA. Prospective transfer students should consult the General Academic Regulations section and/or contact the AUCA Admissions Office for more information. The Registrar’s Office is responsible for determining which courses, and how many credits, may be transferred into AUCA.