Graduate program

Master’s of Science in Economics at AUCA

Two-year full-time MSc program in Economics was launched in 2016 in cooperation with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Our Program satisfies the highest international standards of education and is similar in content to the Master’s programs of the best American and European economics departments.

The program is designed for students who wish to improve their knowledge of economic theory and its applications. It provides a technical and rigorous approach to the study of economic theory while offering students enough flexibility to take a number of electives in the department in order to tailor their programs of study to their professional goals.

The MSc program is ideal for anyone looking for a program which specializes in advanced applied economic research. The program offers an excellent opportunity for:

  • Students seeking a rigorous training in economics to pursue employment in public-sector bodies and regulatory agencies; private sector financial, consultancy and related companies
  • Students with an interest in economics who wish to develop their core knowledge of economics and learn from a wide range of elective courses
  • Students who wish to pursue a PhD in Economics and want to take core training.

The Program requires 120 ETS credits:

  • 66 ETS – mandatory core courses;
  • 36 ETS – electives
  • 18 ETS – Master thesis

The program consists of four semesters. The first year courses cover the core of mainstream economics (Mathematics, Statistics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics) and Development Economics. The second year offers more advanced and specialized field courses in various topics, after which students write and defend their Master’s thesis.

AUCA recognizes MITx MicroMasters Program credential in Data, Economics and Development Policy for credits

AUCA is the first university in Central Asia to grant DEDP MITx MicroMasters online learners credits that would count toward the completion of a full master’s degree at AUCA.

AUCA MSc in Economics Program will recognize course credits to their students who successfully complete the MITx MicroMasters Program in Data, Economics and Development Policy (DEDP). Such an agreement with MIT will help AUCA’s Economics Department enhance teaching innovation and strengthen its curricula in the area of evidence-based development policy analysis.

Credential holders of the MITx MicroMasters in DEDP will be able to earn 24 credits of the 120 total graduate credits towards the completion of the MSc in Economics at AUCA Learn more

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