Survey Search Database

Survey Search Database is a list of micro-data sources that were conducted in Kyrgyzstan since 1991 and write a survey review paper examining the developments and role of micro-data.


The amount of micro-data collected in Kyrgyzstan is large. There is no database of these data sources in one place, and we lack the knowledge about the access and usefulness of these data for research and policy work. The work extends the review of the surveys in Central Asia conducted in Brueck et al (2014).


This work pursues these objectives:

1. Generate landscape of the existing data sources in the 30 years from 1991 to 2020 by classifying data sources by types of surveys, sample size, geographical coverage, data documentation, access to data, publications.

2. Analyse the extent of access, documentation, and the use of data sources for research, policy work, and teaching.


See the Survey Search Database.