About Us

The Department of Economics aspires to the highest standards of excellence in teaching and service. Faculty is represented by professionals with extensive work experience, PhD-degrees in Economics, earned from top international universities (Duke University, Central European University, University of Maryland), and strong research and publication skills. The Department actively cooperates with international universities on research projects and exchange programs for both students and faculty (USA, Germany, and Norway).


Our main objective is to provide, through teaching and research, a better understanding of current global and regional economic issues. AUCA educates the next generation of leaders of the Central Asian region, and our graduates pursue successful careers in private and public sectors, and in academia.

The department’s teaching objective is to offer strong undergraduate and graduate degree programs with emphasis on the relationship of theory to practice, quantitative economic research, and the use of advanced educational technology. The basic objectives of our degree programs are:

  • provide students with the core knowledge of modern economic theory;
  • develop in them the capacity to analyze economic problems and policies using the acquired theoretical knowledge and communicate their analysis and thoughts clearly;
  • foster in them the ability to evaluate theory and research within the discipline and conduct basic quantitative economic research;
  • prepare students for successful careers as applied economists;
  • prepare undergraduate students for graduate training in western universities.

The department’s research objective is to promote high-quality applied research. A major focus of current work involves the use of empirical data to provide policy-relevant economic research. Most recent projects were supported by USAID, GIZ, UNDP, ADB, and public institutions. The Economics Department has recently launched a Center for Environment and Development (hyperlink to Center) with an active participation of EMSD program (hyperlink to EMSD) and our common partners. The Center provides science-based evidence for sustainable economic development with emphasis on the environment.


Economics department is among the first programs in the region to offer a curriculum that integrates teaching and research. It supports the University’s values of responsible freedom in the search for truth and justice. Investigative learning and academic honesty, interaction with international scholars, and research oriented curriculum will help Department to become recognized as the leading school in Economics in the region. Our strategic collaboration with the Norwegian and German universities will help us strengthen the programs and develop interdisciplinary scientific research.