Certificate Program in Data Science and Economics (DSE)

Economics Department is happy to announce a new certificate program in Data Science and Economics (DSE) for students at BA in Economics Program. This certificate comes in addition to general Economics program and will provide advanced training on statistical and digital tools, to interpret and analyze various economic phenomena, extract meaningful relationships and recurring patterns, build predictive and forecasting models for companies and public institutions.

According to LinkedIn’s latest Emerging Jobs Report, data science, artificial intelligence, and robotics engineering have been the top three job trends for last few years. Demand for data scientists increased by 37% in 2019 and is continuing to grow significantly across all industries.

Certificate program is designed to advance knowledge of students from the general Economics Program in data analysis. It will be granted to students that fulfill certificate program requirements in addition to general BA in Economics program requirements.

To learn more about DSE certificate program click here or contact your academic advisor.

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